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newest weird problem, resume wont work unless power cycle?

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  • newest weird problem, resume wont work unless power cycle?

    lately, last few days, i get in my truck and start it up... the pc starts but doesnt do anything but spin the fans and put the monitor into sleep mode.

    funny thing is, i power off the m2-atx, turn it back on and the pc fires up and resumes from hibernate without a hitch.

    so im guessing a motherboard issue (boxdg41ty) but i thought i would see if anyone has had a similar issue, and maybe it has something to do with something im not thinking about... i think the only thing that has changed since this started happening is my diy usb hub, but that should have made things more stable (has made, the pc works excellent otherwise). the only real differences with the usb now is that the motherboard or power supply doesnt supply their power, and the devices all get powered on immediately rather then waiting for the mainboard to do it.

    also, this started happening after our first cold night of the year (30F). it seems it could be weather involved, but it really shouldnt be!

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    well, event viewer is pretty kick ***. after a few more days of having crazy problems, i finally dove in there and noticed this one entry specifically-

    "Idle power management on processor 0 in group 0 are disabled due to a firmware problem. Please check with your manufacturer to obtain an updated firmware for your hardware"

    so, of course on intel's site there is an updated bios released in late november (about the same time i started having these crazy problems). installed that, and now it works perfectly again.

    i guess thats what you get for running the latest software and hardware. they must have changed something in windows that forced the bios to be needed to be changed as well. its pretty cool that windows 7 is smart enough to know exactly what the problem was, and what needed to be done.