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Need input on first carputer install...

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  • Need input on first carputer install...

    Im in the process of getting together the equipment for my first carputer install. This will be going in a 95 Honda del sol. Here is the equipment I plan on purchasing.. I actually have already bought some of it.

    - I already prewired the car with everything I would need. 6 channels of RCA, Long Power run, Upgraded Battery, 9 wire speaker wire(8 channels 1 remote).

    Amplifiers- Two Alpine PDX amps. the mono 1.600 and the four channel 4.150.
    Mids-7 inch User 8945P's
    Tweets: Peerless HDS's
    Sub: MB quart going to be sealed.

    WHat I currently need to buy:

    The entire carputer portion of the system, I did not want to go out and buy anything until I felt confident that it would work well with my system. I have installed many car audio systems over the years but I have never delt with a carputer system before. So I have a few questions..

    1. Can I run active?...I am currently running active in my other daily driver car. 2 way up front with sub.(5 channels of rca) If so what type of sound card would I need? Also is it really a pain in the ***?.. How about the software...anything different I would need?

    2. Should I use a solid state hard drive? My friend recommended one as he said they were much more durable.

    3. I have looked into which touchscreen I want...and I want to do with a single din flipout. I have seen a few on ebay and such and I really dont know which ones are good, or if they are all the same??

    ANy of those good?...Im ready to pull the trigger on some equipment, I will take time to read some other threads around here but I figured I would post while I am reading.