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HELP?! with power supply and noise!!!

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  • HELP?! with power supply and noise!!!

    I have a pentium 133 with a 600 meg hard drive, cd rom , sound blaster 128, and ati xpert 98. Its powered by a dc-ac inverter (150W) and the sound goes right from the computer into the amps in the back completely eliminating the head unit (for now). also running a sharp 6" screen. When i have the computer plugged into the house (extension cord) and i turn on the amplifiers, it all works perfect. When I take the computer off the house power and plug it into my inverter it gives off this god awfull hum from the speaker. Its not enging noise it sounds like when you take an amp and turn it on full crank and take the jack and put your finger on it, you know that hum you get? Plus when I shut the car off the computer only lasts for 10 seconds then it brownsout. But the car will still start fine. any ideas? would a dc to dc power supply be better? I dont have the brains to build one from scratch so where would i find one?


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    DC DC would be better, but there are ways to greatly reduce the noise

    1) Buy a ground loop inductor for radio shack. This has RCA plugs and filters the sound

    2) Add a cheap surge protector inline between your inverter and power supply. This will help filter the crappy inverter power

    3) Ground all of your equipment to a common point

    By doing just 1+2 I was able to completely get rid of all the noise in my setup