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Making A Pillar TPMS 2 1/16 gauge

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  • Making A Pillar TPMS 2 1/16 gauge

    i want to replicate the Dakota Digital Tire Pressure Monitoring System since they havent made or sold these in years. i have an idea of what to get started with, but i dont know a darn thing about programming or some of the hardware required to make something like this.

    here is the idea, a TPMS kit like you see for sale everywhere, but in a 2 1/16" gauge to fit in a pillar or in the rally gauges. it doesnt have to be EL like the Dakota Digital kind. my idea is to have it as a back-lit LCD so you can choose the color of light you want to match your interior lighting. or if you have no taste and have a skew of colors polluting your interior.

    some reaserch will need to be done to find the right module and senders. the reciever module and display is what needs to be created. it needs to display all four tires and their pressure down to the 10th. if that can not be found, then skip that. but it should at least have an alert LED to grab your attention that you have low tire pressure on any tire.

    here is how i am seeing it can be done so far, TPMS SENSORS >>> RECIEVER >>> 2 1/16" GAUGE LCD DISPLAY.

    i was thinking one of those ATMEGA or PIC controllers can be used to change the display signal to work on a small LCD that will fit in a pillar gauge.

    we have made something similar using an existing TPMS kit but its made to interface with a computer.

    here is the only picture i have been able to manage to find of the DD unit.

    i started this same thread over at the fiero forum with some hope that i can get people from either side to work with me on this. i know it doesnt really apply to a computer for this case, but since there are users here who are experienced in doing this kind of thing, i figured i would ask.

    oh, if using our own image isnt allowed in our own forums, then ill delete it and just link to it.

    here is a link to the thread i started over at the fiero forum.

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      This is a pretty cool idea, but kinda silly if you already have a carpc to display the information. It wouldn't be all that difficult to take the USB tpms from the site here, rip the USB part out and attach it to a microcontroller I would think. But then that'd be a waste of a nice USB tpms that could be part of a carpc
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        this is more for people without a carputer, a powerful enough carputer or who want to always monitor their tire pressure from a glance and not having to route through menus and such. not exactly the best of things to try and do when your out at a track doing some auto-x.