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PC wont boot when cd drive is absent

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  • PC wont boot when cd drive is absent

    Sorry if im posting in the wrong place, and also im pretty sure this question has already been answered but i have been looking for the thread for the last 3 days and have had no luck finding it.
    My carputer will not boot up if i disconnect the cd/rom drive. Ive gone into bios and fiddled and I beleive ive even changed the boot sequence to the hard drive. However it still will not happen. IN the post i saw about a year ago it talked about jumping and ide pin with a paper clip or something to trick the pc into thinking the drive was still there. Anyone seen this or have any ideas?

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    Is the hard drive(s) PATA or SATA (big vs small cable, typically gray vs red)? If PATA, it's certainly possible that you have the hard drive's jumper set to slave or master expecting a slave to be hooked up. Some drives and motherboards are picky about this jumper being exact. Also if it's PATA, try moving it to the other connector on the cable (there should be two).

    If it's SATA, it's much harder to diagnose without seeing it and you haven't offered enough information about what parts you're using or what you have your BIOS(and secondary BIOS if there is a separate PATA/SATA controller on the motherboard) settings set to.


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      its not sata, but its the cd/rom that is disconnected and the computer doesnt like, the hard drive will still have an effect on that?


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        There are pairs of IDE devices in a computer - each connector on the motherboard looks for a master and slave. While there is a Master/Standalone setting on newer devices that work perfectly fine by themselves, I wouldn't be surprised if you are running into an issue regarding this jumper.

        On the hard drive's label, or cast into hard drive's casing near the jumpers in the rear (there may not be any jumpers actually installed at the moment), you should be able to find the jumper settings for your need. Set the hard drive to Master, and also try attaching it to the middle connector on an IDE cable, and try again. See more information and pictures here:


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          ok i tried several combinations of what you suggested. Still no dice, it gets past the main boot screen where i can press a key to go to bios, then it goes to a black screen with a blinking bar at the top left...kind of like a dos prompt, but it just sits at this screen.


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            I'm not sure how much further I can assist you - is difficult to figure these things out without seeing it in person. To me, it still sounds like an improperly configured IDE setup. Does the hard drive show up at POST or in the BIOS (you can press the pause key on the keyboard to prevent it from moving on, allowing you to read the POST details)? My money's on no - it won't show up due to a configuration problem. Once it shows up, there should be little reason why it wouldn't boot off of the drive, as long as the BIOS is setup to boot from it (normally in an "advanced" portion of the BIOS).


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              yea it shows up, ill have to go into bios and double check the boot sequence but im pretty sure i already checked that but maybe there is something else in there missing.


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                ok i got it, you were right, the boot order was right but in the bios the order of the drive as master was all screwed up. Thanks for your help!


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                  Good one Seek!
                  All I could offer was f.ex Western Digital PATA that have the usual single/master & slave jumpers, but include an annoying "master with slave" position. (It really kills having removable slaves!)

                  But showing up in BIOS suggests that was okay anyhow.
                  And it was!

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