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Roku HD Player for Rear Seat Entertainment (RSE) in the car

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  • Roku HD Player for Rear Seat Entertainment (RSE) in the car

    Has anyone thought about using a $79 Roku for the kids in the back of the car (not that I have any) - but If i did, i would probably buy one of these and tether it to my phone or connected car computer. (AT&T hates me).

    It uses 5v at 1.5 amps which could be powered by a number of 5v power bricks.

    It has netflix, amazon VOD, pandora, others.

    Roku overview

    Photo is of the 129$ hdmi version.

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    i just bought a roku for an xmas gift... i could tell you in a week or so how much they like it... i would think it would be great, it should be painless to setup and use. amazon VOD and netflix are both excellent... i use netflix for a couple months here and there, and amazon fills in the gaps.


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      I ordered my Roku the day they first announced such things.

      It's freaking fantastic. I love it. Earlier this year I was unemployed for a while, and the Roku made life occasionally bearable.

      Back to back Charlton Heston marathons BOO YA

      Gary (-;
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