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Planning system...q. about touchscreen

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  • Planning system...q. about touchscreen

    Greetings board,

    Last week I found a 7" by 7" by 18" compartment behind the seat of my MR2 (the older ferrari looking one, not the new Boxter-ish Spyder), that already had cable conduit run up behind the dash under the carpet (it is where the stock subwoofer would be if I had one). This triggered a credit-card-spending-spree, and I am now the proud owner of:

    Via M10000 w/512 Megs of DDR Ram-$250
    Opus 150 PSU - $200
    Power Acoustik 5.6" TFT LCD-$150
    Maxtor 80gig HD--already own

    I already have a Head Unit with inputs that I am going to move to the glove compartment, and then custom machine an aluminum bezel to fit the LCD into the double DIN.

    My question is this: What input methods do you guys recomend? My wet dream for this system would be a touchscreen so that the only thing that shows is my screen--and maybe a half keyboard in case i need to do any actual typing.

    Have any of you had good experiences with the digitalww touchscreen kit? No offense to digitalww, but I see quite a few problems posted--I realize people don't feel the need to post "works great, everything is fine" and only post when they have problems, but I'm still curious if anybody can recomend it.

    Can anyone suggest anything that I might have missed in my install? Any comments on my setup? I tried to do everything right the first time--I love having no bills and a good job. I'm thinking about adding a panasonic slot loading DVD player to it.

    Thanks for all your info, you've saved me some grief already--based on your recomendations, I canceled my order for the 60watt PSU board and switched to an Opus.

    I look forward to playing with and making new skins for Media Engine, and becoming an active member of the board.

    ~fool out
    MP3 MR2 (click here for details)
    Hardware: EPIA M10000, 512Meg Ram, 5.6"TFT, Opus 150watt DC-DC PSU
    Software: Windows 2000, Media Engine 2.0

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    if you have a touch screen, and your screen is of a suitable resolution, you can use windows on screen keyboard and then you would not need a keyboard at all. To see the on screen keyboard (I think you only get it in XP and win2k) just open up the run window and type osk.

    How this would look on a screen with video in connection I do not know. I have been advised to get a VGA screen.

    Hope that helps -