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stand by/ hibernating issue

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  • stand by/ hibernating issue

    I have my computer setup to go into stand by when i turn off the car but i can not get it to hibernate after a given time frame. What am I doing wrong?

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    what os are you using? if xp, i do not believe that there is a way to do that (though i could be wrong) if win 7, i believe that it needs to be setup as hybrid sleep to allow it...

    if you could list your os, and motherboard model, it might help someone answer your question a little better(some motherboards support different features).
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      I am using windows XP, and my board is a Commell LV-666 board :Embedded VIA C3/Eden 1.2 GHz


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        What you are attempting to use is something called "hybrid sleep" where it sleeps for a certain time period and then wakes back up when that time expires and goes into hibernation. This is only available on Vista (Service pack needed) and windows 7.


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          ok, what would be my best option to save my battery since I am using xp? Should I just have it to hibernate on power off? Oh, I am using a m2 power supply. I am using jumper 1 setting. If I set it to stand by, will the m2 shut off power completely after a given time to save my battery?