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I/O Shields: Anyone know where I can get one or have one made?

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  • I/O Shields: Anyone know where I can get one or have one made?

    I have an iBase MB870 and it didn't come with an I/O Shield. I have contacted iBase several times without reply. anyone know where I can get one or have one made or does anybody on here make their own? Here's my I/O panel orientation.

    Click image for larger version

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    any help would be much appreciated.

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    Got a pair of snips, a rotozip/dremel, and maybe a metal break?


    No Problem.

    open your phone book. Look up hvac. Start calling. Ask if they use "pre-fab" duct or if they make their own. If they give you static, be honest and tell them you have a project for school (if you look young enough) that needs some sheet metal work. Don't try to explain what you want on the phone. They wont get it. Instead, offer to show them what you want and take the whole thing up there... I think you got it from here.

    If they cant/wont cut out for the ports, no problem if you got that dremel/rotozip like every man should have right?

    Money: the whole panel with a lip and cut-outs no more than $50.00
    just the panel with a lip no more than $35.00

    Or if you had the tools you could make it yourself but then again if you had those tools and knew how to use them you more than likely wouldnt have bought a case at all... Just my worthless hat thrown in.
    Originally posted by menudude
    thank you all for your help minus the useless post by sjlucky...


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      you don't really need that plate-- it just makes everything look nice.

      if your worried about stuff getting in the enclosure, cover it up with some tape-- it'll cost about $5 for the tape if you need to buy a roll...

      and bonus points if using duct tape--it is conductive so it should have similar shielding/grounding characteristics as the metal plate..
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        Thanks for the ideas. I have a dremel and was going to go that route but I like to find the least inconveniencing option first. If I could find one or somebody who would make one on the cheap then I'd go with that. Thanks again for the help. I guess I'll be heading out to the garage and the workbench, haha.