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Radar Detector with PC interface?

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  • Radar Detector with PC interface?

    Hi Folks,

    Does anyone know of any hardware/software that will allow the Auto PC to function as a Radar Detector?

    Example, what a Windows program could do, given a stand alone detector with Audio out plug connected to the Mic In on the PC. Process the sounds, and display a Detector GUI on the screen.

    Better would be to have some kind of detector with a USB, Serial interface that just sends data. Someone with a little hardware/programming skills should be able to do this, and sell a lot of them.

    Anything like this anywhere?


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    Once I get my car computer all installed, I was planning on picking up a Valentine One detector and figuring out its protocol. It has a remote display option, and I think it uses some sort of serial protocol. I emailed their support deparment about getting official documentation on the protocol, but they didn't send anything back.



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      I love my Valentine One! (I got it 2 months ago)

      The remote viewer is connected to the main unit using a regular phone cord. (4 wires)

      If you peak at the wiring diagrams for it, it seems that 2 of the wires are for power, and the other 2 for the data.

      Of course they won't give you the data coding...otherwise they couldn't sell you the remote display. However I believe it is may find it that way.

      There is a mute button on the it may be a bit difficult in the data transfer...

      A simpler way would be to intecept the led output...tap off the led segments and lights and use the HighLow of lighting for the data is less than 5v high so you should be able to use IC circuitry to read it.

      I am not an EE guy so I don't know.

      Just the mean time it is pretty frickin cool!
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        Triggering an event off the lights is another good idea. Thanks.

        Another way of doing that is to use a light detector (photo cell). Im envisioning something like the stick on IR emitters, except these would look for light. 3 of these on a valentine, and simply mimicking the arrows on the screen would be a nice start.



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          Yeah I love by V1 too. But I dont know about integrating it with a PC. What if the PC is busy and lagging when a cop is driving by? But then again, a carputer is not always the most functional way to accomplish alot of the things people use them for, but it sure as hell is the most unique and coolest way to do anything in a car.

          Hey DodgeCummins, does your V1 laser detection ever go off when riding close (by close i mean like when stopped behind them at lights) behind SUVs? Mine always goes off the hook.


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            it could actually be quite a good idea to have a radar det. wired to your computer. A lot of places dont allow you to view anything but gps on the screen in your car. When a cop drives by you could automatically have your
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              your....... ?


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                ...your gps come to foreground?



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                  Very OT, but does that post remind anyone else of "The Holy Grail"?

                  "In the cave of aaaaaahhhhhh"


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                    Yea I had read about it on the Valentine site...

                    I have only seen it once...It was behind some new big SUV...big enought that the 3rd brake light was pointing directly at the radar detector.

                    In fact I had forgotten all about it.
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                      about the suv......was it only new ones.....maybe they have the back up sensors on them and the radar picks it up?
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                        that's what I thought too Lytheum, maybe they have a laser sensor in back or something like that.


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                          No the article I read said it was the light itself...


                          Red neon is occasionally used for the CHMSL (Center High Mounted Stop Lamp) on new cars. We know of these models: GM Trailblazer and Envoy, the Lincoln Mk VIII and the latest BMW 3-series convertible.

                          These lights use a neon-plasma light source. The red lens allows red visible light to pass, and also invisible energy near infrared. The source is powered by a pulsating voltage on a frequency that happens to be similar to the repetition rate of legitimate laser-gun pulse trains. In other words, the CHMSLs have an invisible energy leakage thatís nearly identical to the beam used by traffic laser. If we suppress the interference, weíre likely to damage laser sensitivity.

                          If youíre really bothered by this interference, you can disable V1ís laser reception. You can reprogram V1 yourself. Hereís a link to the instructions on our website:

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