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usb or sata dvd drive?

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  • usb or sata dvd drive?

    Searched to no avail.

    Any reason why the majority of you seem to be going with usb instead of sata dvd drives? I would probably only use my drive for loading software and just assumed sata in the trunk would be good; but wanted to make sure there wasn't something I'm missing before i complete my build.

    Is usb common for placing the drives in the glovebox or something?
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    Yes, USB allows for remote location of the drive with out the restrictions on data cable lengths and availability. In my experience with the USB drives I've used are slower and laggy compared to an internal (SATA) style drives.


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      Brat x 2.
      The e-sata makes for a better connection (being external), but is still for shorter distances than USB.

      Though all my drives are sata, though I may use a usb interface. But that's for home PC. And now I only use the usb (dongles) that use cable to the sata - I don't use dongles with integral sata plug as they proved unreliable (except for pata 3.5 & 3.2).