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Inverter question in regard to backlights

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  • Inverter question in regard to backlights

    Is it posible to fry an inverter if the backlight does not match or was NOT made for the specific inverter?

    I ask because I would like to get another backlight for my setup, but it has been really dificult. I have noticed its easier for me to find an actual screen than find the backlight.

    Plz shed some light on the subject.
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    Nope, frying the inverter should not be a concern. However, you may find it difficult to physically install a backlight that was not made specifically for your display.


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      what kind of screen do you need a back light for?
      we have several in stock,


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        I need a backlight for a Sharp LQ10D361. if you got let me know. Although it will be in a couple of weeks, because I just ordered a Sharp LQ10DX01 from Ebay. So if the one off this screen does not work I will definatly order from you.

        M with the info, or post away.
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          As long as the replacement backlight it rougly the same size and brightness, you should not have a problem with the inverter.

          I recall having seen CCFL tubes in the Digikey catalog. Maybe they have something suitable for you?

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            I tried them and they reffered me to JKL. Still no joy.
            What im curently listening to.
            My complete carpc setup


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              Some people here said they've used the ones from All Electronics
              It's under Lamps>Flourescent
              You can find the appropriate length tube there and it may work - and they're cheap!

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