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Help Lilliput auto turning off after pc starts

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  • Help Lilliput auto turning off after pc starts

    Hey everyone,

    Got a problem with my lilliput monitor today.

    Has been working perfectly on my carpc for months and today it stopped and is driving me crazy.

    The monitor turns on when the pc turns on and you see the bios loading screen. then a few seconds later it turns off and goes into sleep mode (kinda like its not detecting a signal).

    if i plug another monitor in (pc monitor) the screen comes straight on.

    this is frustrating me, and i dont know what to try.
    resolution is right, pc is started and responsive.

    Please help i want this to work


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    any thoughts anyone???



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      have you tried the lilli on another computer to try to figure out if it could be a monitor issue?
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        ill hook it up to a laptop and try. i really hope its not a monitor issue


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          plugged in to a different usb port and it powered up for a few seconds then went back to sleep.

          tried it on a laptop and it stayed on during boot then went to sleep.

          it seems that if im constantly touching the screen it doesnt power off :S?


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            ok i have made some progress.

            I managed to get the screen online long enough to go into the advanced options and turn the auto power on to off.

            Now the screen doesnt turn on till i push the power button, but it stays on now so its a work around for the moment.

            Anyone have any ideas why the auto power on function would be playing up?