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The easiest Steering Wheel Controls answer...

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  • The easiest Steering Wheel Controls answer...

    This has been covered on the board here and there already, but, should be something yelled out loud for all of those that miss the functions of their factory steering wheel controls.

    This is for those that have steering wheel controls that do not communicate through CAN/BUS.

    This is also available on the mp3car store.

    I wired this up to the steering wheel controls in my 2005 nissan frontier with the factory equipped Rockford Fosgate steering wheel controls.

    The kit only has two wires, the nissan's harness has 3 wires. I hooked ground to ground, hooked +pos to remote wire 1 and then put a 4.7Kohm resistor between +pos and remote wire 2... works perfect.

    I literally had this installed and configured in about 10 minutes. Best of all, after programming, this unit works in DOS too, so if you get stuck at the dreaded windows hibernation failure or bios error messages, you can use your steering wheel controls to boot the computer without digging out your keyboard to get the thing booted.

    Welp, there's my review.

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