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Is an 8 port USB hub too much?

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  • Is an 8 port USB hub too much?

    Hello Everyone,

    I'm currently using a Rosewill 8 port USB hub which I have powered through a 5v inverter in my car.

    It wasn't until recently that I began to think that perhaps I have too much going through this hub at once, and that could be causing problem for my system.

    I have:

    - GPS dongle
    -External 500g Hard Drive w/ music and movies
    - bluetooth dongle (though it's not being used at the moment)
    - touch screen interface for my motorized in dash screen (which has been acting on and off lately)
    -External wireless keyboard/mouse
    -USB soundcard

    All plugged into my hub at once, and only 1 USB B wire being run out to my PC. Am I using too many items at once to only have 1 USB B wire being run into my PC? Should I try plugging my hard drive and GPS into my laptop directly to preserve bandwidth?

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    If it works fine without too much lag, being slow for your liking, or errors then I wouldn't worry about it.


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      i dont think gps uses much bandwidth, but i would for sure put the harddrive on its own port.


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        In my last setup I used two 7 port USB hubs, one powered, one not, never had any trouble with all slots full. I had much more plugged up to mine than you have too.


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          A regular laptop hard drive is going to use about 1/2 of your available power. An SSD will use about 1/3.

          GPS, Sound Card, bluetooth and touch screen will use about 1/10 of available power combined. So yea your fine in the power department (I know that wasn't the question).
          Bandwidth usage is also fine. Hard Drive (unless your talkin $500+) will use 80% of available bandwidth max (more likely 20%). Audio another 2% and all the rest <1%.
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            Ok so I should be fine with my setup the way it is now. I'll stick with it then. Thanks guys.