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Shortening cables.

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  • Shortening cables.

    I'm thinking this is the right place to put this.

    I have a 12V P4 cable from the M2-ATX to the motherboard. The cable is about 10 inches long which is far too long in reality. I can chop it and make it the length I want, then use solder, heat shrink etc to make the cable shorter. But to make a neater job I want to use the proper pins on the end of the cable and fit them in the connection block.

    My endless searching on the 'net has proved fruitless in finding these small, square, metal pins. Does anyone know an official name for them or even a not so official name for them?

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    They're called Molex pins, the ones for the P4/ATX connecter I think are called Molex ATX pins, or they might be the same as normal Molex pins, not sure.


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      Go to, search for the right terminals, then enter the part number at to order it. Searching at is easier than

      Edit: looks like I'm too slow :P


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        I picked up a package of 100 at Fry's for $6.95. They are packaged as "ATX FEMALE TERMINALs". They also say ATX power female crimps Plu# 2473520 PA-ATXPF. On the back of the package is the web address

        Here's a link to the part of my worklog where I shortened my cables.

        I may have messed up a pin or two because I have some intermittent problems. I didn't do much testing before I shortened it so I don't know if I caused the problem.

        Good Luck,



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          Thanks for the quick replies. All I could seem to find were the big round ones for the 12V/5V connectors. Due to the links I have found the right ones.

          On with the project...


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            Originally posted by RonsRed88 View Post
            Here's a link to the part of my worklog where I shortened my cables.
            I read the log and noticed the part where you said you made your own pin removal tool. As I only have 4 pins to remove (at the moment) I didn't want to pay $$ for a removal tool. I went to work and started hunting. One thing I found was a 30ml syringe. I bored a slightly wider hole and it's perfect for the larger rounder pins of the 12/5V connector.

            Then I tried a multitude of things for the smaller, square pins. I tried tweezers, plastic pipettes, straws and even heavy duty staples. Then something caught my eye. It was a womans hairpin. I snipped the angled end off with a pliers and opened it out slightly and it's perfect. I only did one side at a time but that made it 3 seconds to take the wire out!


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              Cool, I like to see creative solutions. Nice work.


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                its easy to push the barbs back and pull the pins out... you dont need anything special. ive done it with scissors, but knifes work the best... or tiny flatblade screwdrivers.


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                  I use a dental pick