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Power requirements for slim slot DVD from store

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  • Power requirements for slim slot DVD from store

    Hi All,

    I received the drive yesterday, and it comes with a power cable that terminates in a USB connection instead of a standard power connector.

    My question: this drive pulls 2A @ 5v. A USB hub provides 500mA at each port. Hooking this drive up via its supplied cables (one standard USB connection, and the power cable that terminates in USB connection also) would provide 1A @ 5v. So - seems like I'm 1A short.

    What are people doing here (and why was it designed this way)? I suppose I could cut the USB connector off and wire it direct to a 5v source, or - would getting a 1:2 USB power cord 'splitter' for both connections solve my issue (while taking up 4 USB ports)?



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    i would wire it to the 5v line on the power supply.
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      I opened the USB cable and connected 5V from external source. This is the expensive way if you do not want to use 5V from the PC supply. (which I did not)

      I am not sure these splitters are according to USB spec anyway as getting 500mA instead of 100mA is a negotiation with the hub in itself. Do the power splitters have two USB "devices" that does that?

      I think they are only cable. Could be wrong. Anyway, getting power from 4 USB ports is not...beautiful.
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        yeah, agreed. i'll cut and power via 5v POL. thanks everyone!