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DIY shielding for power cable

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  • DIY shielding for power cable

    So i'm routing all my wires and mounting the carPC in the trunk. My problem is that I relocated my battery to the trunk, the carputer is going on the opposite side but I have 1/0 welding cable running to the engine compartment that is pretty close to the carPC. I'm pretty sure that the welding cable has no shielding wrapped around it, is there a way I can make shielding around a couple foot section, or is there something like a loom that I can purchase to shield it? Thanks for the help!

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    Why do you think you need shielding?
    (A small bypass cap should remove any hi-freq noise of that's a problem...)


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      Well while the interior is all out I just wanted to cover all bases. I just don't want any interference in my audio system from the power cable being pretty close. And what exactly is a bypass cap (I would assume capacitor?) What does it do and where does it go?


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        Others may be better to advise on the reality of shielding requirements - I just find it strange that a core power distribution cable would need it....

        The bypass cap I'm thinking of is something like a 0.1 or 0.01 etc ceramic capacitor - typically the size of a finger nail.
        They are placed at intervals or terminations of any power (or input!) cabling - eg, from +12V to ground at noise-prone amps and loads, or across inputs etc (ie, from the signal-active to its ground or shield).
        The capacitors merely short out AC signals - the smaller the cap value, the higher the frequency (meaning they act like a high-pass filter; they will not short/conduct DC or low frequency noise/signals).

        If EMI is the problem, they can prevent the original hi-freq source, or filter off the hi-freq induced noise.