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USB extension via Cat5E/6

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  • USB extension via Cat5E/6

    Not sure if this has been discussed before, but just ran into this on monoprice. It acts as an 'active' usb extension, but limiting itself to 150ft extensions instead of 17ft via a cat5E or cat6 cable. Seems like a more custom option because one can crimp a custom length ethernet cable easier than making a custom length USB cable.

    Anyone tried on of these?

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    Define active? For $13 I highly doubt it's a powered signal amplifier to be honest. That, and the fact that it only works with USB 1. (which works over a larger distance than the spec out of the box anyway) sounds kinda fishy. They say "USB 2.0 just connects and disconnects" Which is a symptom of either using too long a cord, or having a bad cable.

    I'd be glad to be proved wrong though
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      welp. missed that important footnote about usb2.0 there. so its pretty much worthless. got it. you are much more observant than I am.