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D945GCLF2 sound problem + win 7 + gmpc +

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  • D945GCLF2 sound problem + win 7 + gmpc +

    Ok so i got an 5.1 speaker on my win 7 with onboard sound drivers (never had problems with that on win xp) i saw that everything is ok except that gmpc was not "playing" any voice/sound.

    I Discovered that gmpc play soung on CENTER AUDIO , BUT my CENTER AUDIO (on driver eq) is configured as subwoofer (as subwoofer audio too, so subwoofer audio and center audio is the same, dunno why).

    So gmpc is playing on sub actualy no sound so, i tried to reconf my eq and when i did my center play on normal speakers and my sub to sub (i tested it on EQ DRIVER) and i think i got it, but i didnt when i play normal musics (centrafuse 3 or real media player) my sub just have no sound (but it plays on driver eq) . like it was turned off.

    Sorry for my bad English it is not my native language.

    that is how my eq looks

    And thanks after all