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4 channel external USB DVR card w/SuperDVR

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  • 4 channel external USB DVR card w/SuperDVR

    I'm using a Dell Studio Hybrid for my carPC, and wanted DVR capability. I didn't want an external DVR, I wanted something that would be integrated into the PC. I found this setup and figured I'd try it out for $35 US. The place is out of Hong Kong.

    It finally arrived and I loaded it. I have to say I'm pretty freaking impressed, even more so with the software it came with, called SuperDVR. The card allows for up to 4 cameras, and the software:

    -has date/time stamp, of course
    -shoots 30fps
    -NTSC and PAL
    -comes with motion detection sensitivity to trigger recording per camera, and each camera is individually adjustable
    -allows set up timers for each individual camera so you can set them to record at different intervals, or all day, every day
    -allows set up auto-email to email you with attachments of video stills
    -allows set up at least one (possibly all) cameras as a webcam!
    -contrast, brightness, etc, per camera
    -pan/tilt/zoom per camera if the camera is capable
    -picture capture of the video

    I have a Sprint Broadband card and unlimited 4G service for the next 2 years (and I'm in a 4G area, so all is good) so I'm going to have to really tinker w/that webcam part

    Here are some stills:

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    Great functionality. It is currently set up in the house as I test out diff. cameras.


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      I love the look of the setup, and NEED one like this myself badly! But I have been looking around to be able to have hopefully up to 8 cameras, the DVR part, and also the ability to have each camera be able to stream over the internet to any on line PC, and also watch it on my cell phone over 3g.

      Mobiscope is AWESOME, EASEY to set up, & does the internet streaming VERY well to my cell phone up to 8 - 12 different cameras. But so far I have been limited by knowing how to usb cameras mostly, and I have long distance needed so usb will not work. Is there a simple cat5 or IP camera set up that I can use in either application that you know of?

      What kind of cameras are you using, or does this program use? Is there a way to easily set it up to watch on cell phones as well?

      Thank you.