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Simple DAB module

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  • Simple DAB module

    First post, and after some advice. I have tried searching the forums, but want a simpler solution than a full PC, so hoping you people can do this in your sleep.

    I'm after a solution to go into my classic MK1 Golf. It's not a daily driver so it doesn't warrant loads of cash being thrown at it.

    After a custom module board i think, with DAB, FM-RDS, Ipod dock and control as a minimum. SD Card and USB and wifi are nice to haves.
    Output onto a backlight LCD that will fit into a custom din panel, 2" square, with the rest of the DIN panel for controls for example.

    I've seen the Jupiter 6.2 system on Frontier Silicon's website, and that is exactly the kind of thing i'm after, including the display output and menu system:

    The audio output would then go to a normal amp and then the car's speakers.

    Any ideas of a system like this that i can get my hands on from the UK? I'm no software pogrammer either, so it would have to like a lego set.

    any help is appreciated.