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Can I Do anything with my Alpine setup ?

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  • Can I Do anything with my Alpine setup ?

    Hi Guys,

    My first post . I already have an Alpine MM system in my car with GPS, TV and MP3/CD and a fantastic bit of kit it is too !. What i am wanting to know is if the screen can be used in anyway or adapted for use with a VGA input from a PC/Laptop as when using a composit feed into the screen the results are rubish.

    Is it posible to use the Navigation input at all on the Prossesor its self ?

    Does anyone have any specs on the Alpine screen them selves like who makes them and can they be modded at all ?

    I have a CVA-1006R Multi media Station



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    The composite input isn't that bad. I've got the I806 which is the CD version and I'm running a composite input to AUX1.

    I'm using TVTool to fit the picture to the screen properly and it work really well for movies, etc. but I have to agree that it's not too good for text. It's readable on 640 x 480, and you could try setting the windows text to large on 800 x 600.

    Overall though I don't think it's that bad.
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      Thanks for the reply

      Is there any chance you could email me a few screen shots of text and films ect, so i can see what it will look like ?




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        I forgot the important bit in my original post

        I have seen one of these on offer at Maplins (Radio Shack) and the specs seem quite good for 39 offer price. What does everyone think - worth a shot so I can try my laptop ??