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Are there any FM tuners out there

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  • Are there any FM tuners out there

    Hi Guys
    Just planning installation.Thing is the car is just beautiful and I dont want to hack it.Its Alfa Romeo V6 2.5 Veloce Dash surround is carbon fibre but only single Din so I plan to ditch Alpine head unit its pre Can., and fit slide out touch screen.Thing is I will then need to integrate mobile FM tuner in the rig (I'm based in UK) Can anybody suggest on board or USB tuner preferably with a good RF stage I dont want a 30 ft radio mast on the roof (see above)Any of you Tech guys out there got an idea?

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    Radio to Alfa...

    I have similar project on my mind =)
    What model you have? I have 156 Sportwagon.

    For the radio, this can be bought from mp3store but for us here in "old continent":

    At my previouse project I used Silabs USB radio:
    but this is not very sensitive and only have thin wire as antenna. I can be connected to decent antenna if you solder a good connector to it.

    Where did you plan to place the PC? I intend to use the small place where the CD-changer is now. Allso idea is to keep stock speakers (for now) and standard wiring too if possible...