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  • resume issues

    more issues with asus's at3n7a...

    when i resume from s1, s3, s4 whatever media was playing, plays for 2 - 30 seconds and stops and wont restart, wont continue, audio still works (button audio in cf2 is still audible), next/previous songs/videos work, just not the one file that was playing. If i goto the next song/video then standby or hibernate the first song that wouldn't play will now play but, again, the song that i resumed into playing no longer works.

    things i've tried:

    different media players (WMP/WMC/streetdeck demo, winamp/RR, itunes, nero, vlc, cf2)

    uninstalling/reinstalling codecs and cedec packages

    uninstalling all unneeded software, reinstalling all needed software

    updated all drivers from manufactures websites (asus, nvidia, via audio)

    updated bios, over-clocked, un-over-clocked, added voltages, disabled all unused bios setting (express-gate, quick post, wol,ect...)

    bought new ram, kingston hyperx (the one that is "optimized for nvidia" =marketing ploy)

    changed MoBo back to d945gcfl2 with kingston ram and everything worked perfect

    things i will try until i 1) figure it out n fix it 2) give up and donate board to htpc build:

    try previous driver/bios versions

    disabling hardware 1 by 1

    contacting asus/nvidia (for some generic answers)

    ... out of ideas ...

    i know there are other people that are using this board and surely this isnt an unfixable issue, so maybe yall can chime in on what drivers/bios/os/frontend/anything, please.

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    bluetooth drivers/program are useless with xp