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Alpine PXA-h510 question??

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  • Alpine PXA-h510 question??

    Hey guys

    I need someone with experience with the pxa-h510 to answer this question. After browsing all the posts, it is easy to conclude that working with computers and digital connections to the sound hardware is a complete *****!!

    Anyways, my system has a clarion dxz925 head unit that has no digital input (only 2 channel RCA AUX) and i'm wanting to use 5.1 dolby from the soundblaster audigy in my computer. now, the pxa-h510 has 3 digital inputs (Spec sheet says they are for DVD player, head unit and cd changer). Am i able to hook the digital out of the audigy to some analogue/optical converter to one of the digital inputs of the pxa-h510? (Either the DVD Player or CD Changer input).

    Can i then switch between this connection/input from the computer (as if it was an aux input) and the connection from the headunit? Effectively having two sources of music ===> 5.1 dolby digital from the computer for dvds and mp3's and then having the regular input from the headunit (which can also have an aux input...but thats another matter).

    Any help would be very much appreciated.

    Cheers guys.

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    I have no answers for you but NICE CAR man! I had the opportunity to drive one in Japan. I was sold.


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