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    I've decided to keep the little e-box I was selling. I'm buying a motorcycle, and wish to do a build for it.

    I have a Magellan gps, and I have an iPod, and there are a couple other things I want, but I'm not so keen on so many items on my bike. The more items that are on it, the more likely someone is to try to walk off with some of it.

    As such, what I want to do is set up my e-box as a GPS, music player, and video recorder.

    Before I continue, I want to add that I do understand the inherent risks of adding such "distractions" to a bike. I have no intention making it a distraction item. I can set the GPS when I'm parked, I can start the video recording when I'm parked, I think it would be foolish to try operating them on the fly.

    I know most of the basics are floating all over this website, such as front ends, touchscreens, setup, etc. The info I seek today is this: What is available for video recording, can it be integrated to the front end? Keypad usage should be easy, since most media players allow you to assign keys, but will video recorders do so as well? GPS control can be done via touchscreen obviously, if video recording software will allow key assignment as do media players, then I can mount a usb keypad somewhere on the bike, such as the gas tank, a handlebar mount, etc. Quick operation, easy to use with gloved hands, and can be unplugged and removed when I'm off the bike.

    I've done a couple searches on here, didn't see what I sought, so if I missed something, by all means point me in that direction.

    As I said earlier, I already understand the risks of adding things to my bike, so please keep on topic and away from the safety warnings. Many thanks in advance.
    "To start press any key" Where's the "any" key?

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    Hmm....many view, no responses. I'd guess noone has done any of the above yet?
    "To start press any key" Where's the "any" key?