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Recommend a Micro ITX Motherboard for my CarPC

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  • Recommend a Micro ITX Motherboard for my CarPC


    I've searched for hours on various sites but there's so many boards and chipsets to choose from and was wondering if anyone can give me some advise on some recommended boards that would be suitable.

    • Integrated CPU/GPU (all-in-one board)
    • Micro ITX size (already have a case)
    • Able to perform in a vehicle (handle heat/cold/vibrations etc.)
    • Stable resume from S3 STR state
    • Low power & low profile board & heatsinks
    • 5.1 channel analog audio output
    • Compatible with Windows XP and Windows 7 (in case i want to upgrade later)
    • Works with Centrafuse 3 and can handle the animations & transition effects fluidly, play videos/movies etc.
    • Around $200AUD/$180USD max budget - but need it to be good value for money, doesn't have to be the latest/fastest thing out there

    Current hardware that it must accommodate:
    • Opus 120 (Automotive 120 watt ATX PSU)
    • Lilliput 629GL Touch screen (DVI preferable, but D-sub VGA is ok too)
    • SATA SSD
    I do not care about PCI/PCIe slots, what RAM it takes or Wireless G/N as they are not important to me. What chipsets should I avoid (i.e. 945 chipset as it's old & inefficient? etc.)?

    Most of all it needs to be stable and reliable, consume little power in sleep S3 state and run Centrafuse 3 well including animations.


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    What about this one ?

    I have recently bought this one:


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      Asus AT5NM10-I - cheap, atom D510, efficent, integrated gpu, passive cooling.

      Or, if you want a complete solution with case, etc:
      ZOTAC ZBOX HD-ID11 - complete case, atom D510, ion graphics, wifi,
      slot for one 200-pin ddr2-800 sodimm and one 2,5" drive bay (for your ssd)
      Check my worklog:
      Corsa + Atom + Gentoo Linux + 9" capacitive touchscreen

      Lord of the boards: DFI CP100-NRM

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      because it's just a secret unreleased prebeta of Windows 3829" :P


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        i would recommend the aopen bb10 series it comes with metal vented case, atom 330, accepts 2 gig of ram runs very quiet and works great in xp,mce2005, vista or 7 and great price just my two cents! SNO


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          This would be my recommendation. The Zotac IONITX-F-E Intel Atom 330. It has DVI/HDMI integrated with WiFi/eSATA etc... It's on the upper end of your price limit though.
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            Thanks everyone!
            Thanks for the recommendation of the Asus AT5NM10-I, but looking at their other models, the Asus AT3IONT-I is looking like a better option so far. Loving the sound of the integrated accelerated graphics ION in the chipset, also HDMI out means DVI too which will result in cleaner graphics on the Lilliput hopefully (i.e. less interference).

            The Zotac sounds good too, but not much more features than the ASUS AT3IONT-I for a higher price (about $250 incl postage from the USA on ebay, slightly less from Hong Kong).

            The Asus AT3IONT-I is available locally for about $205 AUD.

            Anybody had any experience with these boards? I've heard they can run a bit hot, but I'll be putting a few fans in the case anyway just in case.


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              The zotac is awesome. It does run a tad hot when watching a 1080p vid, but that's my only complaint. It's one of the fastest POSTing boards I've ever used.

              Try RevFE
              The best resurrected frontend I've ever used, period.


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                Hmm, so ASUS AT3IONT-I vs Zotac IONITX-F-E

                The only real features I see between the two is that the Zotac IONITX-F-E has WIFI and eSATA and potentially faster POST speed. Out of those, I'm only really concerned about POST speed (for those occasional cold boots/reboots)
                Is it worth the extra $50 AUD?


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                  I have the Asus AT3IONT-I Deluxe installed in M350 with tiny fan that I dont think I need! This mini itx board is rock solid and posts quickly. Running 64 bit win 7 smoothly.
                  Highly recommend it!


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                    i believe zotac boards are solid capacitor, one more good reason to go with zotac.


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                      Sweet! I just ordered the Asus AT3IONT-I (non Deluxe) from a local online store. Most if not all the ASUS boards these days have solid caps as well, which is definitely a big plus as well. Can't wait to get it all set up over the next week or so!