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  • DISH TV music storage project...

    I have DISH TV. It has a good 40-50 channels of different styles of streaming music. I thought it might be a good idea to capture some of this music, and listen to it on the road. I know there might be some issues with copyright, but I don't think it will be a problem, as long as I do not distribute the music, and I delete it after some period of time. I had some simple ideas on how to do that, but I now have another idea.

    Obviously, I could just take the audio output of the sat reciever and run it into the computer and record the audio as a large wav or mp3 file. That would leave me with a long music file (3-4 hours) which I would have to manually cut up in order to get seperate songs... i would also have to name the files just by knowing what song it is, and that would be a pain (hearing a song and not knowing what it is...). Besides, there is something else i noticed.

    The digital music channels not only play the music, but it also displays the song/artist/album/label information. Now, i have noticed that the song info is NOT just a video feed. It appears that the information is sent to the reciever, and it then renders the text and displays it (same font as the guide texts). Heres the idea...

    What are the chances that I could capture the music feed (which i THINK is in some sort of mpeg compression) and run the music feed (compressed or not) into the computer, along with the song/artist text, and have a program that stores the music then tags it with the correct information. In other words, the sat reciever tunes into a channel in the sat stream, that channel, like all the others, are compressed (into some mpeg compression)... the music channels are streaming compressed music, with some sort of tag with the song/artist info... why can't i tap into the sat reciever, after the internal reciever and before the decompressor, and send that compressed stream into a computer program (obviously needs to be built), and then stored in a standard mp3 method.

    This way, i could start it capturing the digital music, and leave, eat, or sleep... when i return, there would be a list of mp3s with correct names and ID tags... after i upload them to the car and listen to them, i can delete them and get more....

    ANY ideas or comments welcome.
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    Loads of ideas.

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    Yeha im all for it too. Let me know about this.

    Sounds like some serious hacking into your sat reciever. Remeber you are asking for some serious stuff. but if doable it would be bad ***.
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      try the alt.dss.hack guys.