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any perks to fanless cases?

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  • any perks to fanless cases?

    I was looking at the ULTIMATE Micro Intel Vehicle & Home Media Computer,

    And theres a 'Fanless option' for something very similiar which is almost 400$ cheaper, why is this? The only thing i could think of is that it's going to cool less (which is a problem, not a solution)

    Or Is there something I'm missing...


    Here's links to both..

    Fanned -

    Fanless -

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    actually, they come out to about the same price when you add it all up-- the fanned version comes with a bunch of stuff the fanless version doesn't..
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      well what would be better? does it make a drastic difference?


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        Fanless is popular for its silence, non-reliance on fans, no maintenance of filters, lower power consumption, etc. But heat sinks may need the occassional dust off etc. But they require whatever ventilation they require.

        Fans require preventative maintenance etc but are usually smaller & lighter, and usually less fussy about ventilation.


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          Originally posted by skooki View Post
          well what would be better? does it make a drastic difference?
          Without knowing what hardware you intend to use for the PC, it's impossible to answer this question.
          For a low-power Atom-based system, a fanless case might be just fine in the right environment.
          For other systems with CPUs that draw more heat, a fanless case could contribute to the shortened life of the hardware.
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          How about the Wiki?

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            i see,

            well i want the fanless option above, but with the best sound card possible and SSD.

            i'm not sure if that helps, but yeah.

            also, computer will be mounted in boot with a bootload of ventilation