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A better way to control Winamp

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  • A better way to control Winamp

    Hi There. Im here to gave you all a good idea for controling Winamp. Using a gamepad...
    Not really a Gamepad, only the concept using buttons and wire connections; Iīve built
    a PC Wheel for driving on some games an year ago and it works great so i will use it on my
    MP3Car. All you need is a gameport, the joystick male connector, some wire and 8 buttons
    (you choose yours) for play/pause, stop, next track, prev track,volume up, volume down, foward 5sec and rewind 5sec. This is acomplished using the Nullsoft Joystick Plug-in v1.0b available on Its faster if you get a old gamepad or joystick and dismantle it.
    Here are the pin-outs taken from


    1 +5V +5 VDC
    2 /B1 Button 1 use this one for button 1 (for Play/pause)
    3 X1 Joystick 1 - X use this for rewind/back 5s.
    4 GND Ground
    5 GND Ground
    6 Y1 Joystick 1 - Y for volume up/down
    7 /B2 Button 2 for button 2 (for stop)
    8 +5V +5 VDC
    9 +5V +5 VDC
    10 /B4 Button 4 for button 4 (for next track)
    11 X2 Joystick 2 - X
    12 MIDITXD MIDI Transmit
    13 Y2 Joystick 2 - Y
    14 /B3 Button 3 for button 3 (for prev track)
    15 MIDIRXD MIDI Receive

    I must discover where to connect all the return wires, its the ground or 5VDC, i donīt remember now.
    As i said its beeter to use a old (or new, its the same )gamepad or joystick (its better a gamepad īcause its easyer to use). I hope i helped a lot solving some questions regarding the easyest control for your MP3car. I will post later the correct connections for building your


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    I have written software that uses the Gravis Gamepad or a Fast Media Remote. I have not tried it with other joysticks but I'm sure they'll work as well.


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      Is it possible to use an x or y access (SP) as a button?
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