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  • Acer Aspire Revo

    Saw this on sale over at Tiger Direct, and I immediately thought it would be a great base for a CarPC:
    Acer Aspire Revo AR1600-U910H Mini Refurbished Desktop PC - Intel ATOM N230 1.6GHz, 1GB DDR2, 160GB HDD, HDMI, Windows XP Home

    Yes, I know its only a single-core Atom, but I've been using an underclocked 900Mhz Celeron Asus EeePC for about 6-7 months now with no processing-power issues whatsoever. Shoot, I may pick up one of these just to use as an HTPC for now, with the possibility to make it into a CarPC sometime in the future.... Any thoughts??
    COMPLETED! 02 VW Golf TDI 7" Eee PC Budget Build

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    great price, I paid 200 and 250 for each of mine, I swear by the little things!


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      I'm running one right now. It's decent and the form factor allows it to fit in the cavity under the cup holders in my 05 Duramax.

      It's no speed demon, but because of the ION gpu, it can play HD video nicely (will need to install something like CoreAVC on windows or make sure you have VDPAU drivers for linux).

      I'm running Centrafuse in VMWarefusion right now on my MacBookPro and the interface is snappier than running it on the Revo --and after installing some codecs it's playing a 720p mkv flawlessly right now...

      The big test will be to see if it survives the winter...


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        I have one in my car right now. Love it! For the price, you cant beat it. I use one of these:

        I have not had one issue with it. I set it to turn on when power is restored and I use a software button to hibernate it.
        You are never done installing a CarPC.


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          Forgot to mention that the VGA port is fragile. If you have to stuff it in a tight location, make sure you're not stressing the VGA port on. I'm actually on my 2nd Revo.. moved the 'broken' one inside to use with XBMC via HDMI. Made a flexible vga adapter/port saver from a chunk of cat5 cable to prevent future damage.