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Weatherproof or weatherproofing cat5/6 keystone

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  • Weatherproof or weatherproofing cat5/6 keystone

    I want to run a length of network cable out of the cab of my truck through a vent and and between the cab and bed of my truck. This will allow me to hook it to my local LAN for mass file transfers without having to leave a door open.

    Is there such a thing as a weather proof cat5 keystone? Failing that, has anyone done something similar or have any suggestions on how to protect a standard keystone?

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    the ones i have seen have something like a threaded dust cover-- last i remember seeing some, they were at allied electronics. i am sure that there are other sources-- just search for industrial rj-45 connector.

    if you have trouble finding them, post up, and i can grab the part numbers out of my allied catalog.
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      I've had an ebay 100ft rj45 cabled wired outside my house for years without an issue Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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        And huw much it costs?
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