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  • Aus - CarPC advise

    Hi guys

    I know theres probably threads on this already but I have quite a few questions and need some suggestions so it's easier to combine it all into one thread.

    I'll start off with:

    Is it a better option to have a carputer that hooks to an amp then into your speakers? or to plug your carputer into a headunit via an AUX IN arrangement?

    Thanks, more questions to come.

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    It's gonna depend on what you want to do.

    If you want to remove the headunit up front - then you'll need to go AMP for sure.
    If you're like me and don't have a choice (budget wise or fabrication wise) to remove the headunit then you'll have to go with AUX.
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      Yeah, I second jpinkerton. If you don't want to install a standard car amplifier, you could install a mini amplifier like this one. They're quite compact.

      Eagerly awaiting your future questions
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        aux in


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          It really depends on the placement of your system I rekon.

          If you have enough space to fit a screen and the head unit, then sure, go that route, and be glad that you dont have to stuff around trying to integrate radio into the carPC (one of the harder parts of an install).

          If you have only got enough space to fit a screen, then just go the amp route, and pull the head unit.

          Most smaller cars you would be better off going the computer to amp route, simply because there just isn't any space to have a stereo AND the computer screen.

          The end result is going to be about the same either way, each side has positive and negative points to it, so just climb into the car, pull off a few panels here and there, explore your options, and figure out which way is going to work in YOUR car.