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Infill G4 AM / FM Radio Module - what is it?

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  • Infill G4 AM / FM Radio Module - what is it?

    Does anyone know what AM/FM radio module is in the Infill G4? Is it easily sourced from somewhere or is it a custom module by Maxan?

    I'm asking because I would like to add an AM/FM radio to my car PC. I find the HQCT too expensive and I don't want to buy something else that won't work properly with Centrafuse. I don't mind if I have to buy a Centrafuse plugin to make use of a particular USB radio. But please keep price in mind. I don't want to spend AUD $200 just to get radio; if that's what it amounts to, I might as well buy a Sony/Pioneer/JVC/Kenwood CD player with radio and mount it in my glovebox.
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    You're gonna get the typical HD radio answers here...
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