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Help Connecting LCD With WD PLAYER

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  • Help Connecting LCD With WD PLAYER

    hi, I will be more simple because i think my thread didn't show up i have no idea why...

    Any ways, Guys I tried to Install a normal LCD and WD TV mini Player and i got noise problem with audio and video shown on lcd ( LCD had power lines going up all the time ) ( WD audio on MY Car Unit AUX in was give noise distortion ) My car is Kia Forte 2010

    I want to install this :

    1- Preassembled Black Double Din LCD Frame with 7" Lilliput EBY701

    2- WD TV Mini Media Player ( Video Go the LCD and Audio to my OEM Head unit AUX IN )

    AS Simple as you can read this, So What Should I do exactly ? Connect them on my head unit power in ? how i avoid that noise i faced before ?

    Thanks very much guys but please help me if you don't mind .

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    First...Check your ground connections.
    A lot of noise problems come from shoddy grounds.

    If it still has noise, which it might, then...

    I would tie the inverter power (and the tv power) off a relay (triggered by an ign wire) tied to the battery (fused of course).
    I know that a lot of people say that the lilliput needs regulated 12, but it should be fine.
    Of course this is, as with all advice, should be taken with a grain of salt as the 14V power spikes may shorten the life of the electronics. That is my disclaimer. But seriously, it should be fine.
    At least try this connection and see if the noise goes away.
    You didn't post it, but I'm guessing that you have everything tied in the power system via lighter plugs. There is plenty of wire that can act like an antenna and amplify noise that way.

    There are many ways to get noise in your system, ground loop, a wire to close to an interference source, and bad grounds just to name a few. Start here and see if that fixes it.
    Good luck.


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      okay buddy i'm working on it now and see what will happen thanks