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Lilliput 629 GL LCD randomly changing colours

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  • Lilliput 629 GL LCD randomly changing colours

    My Lilliput 629GL is starting to give me some trouble. When I start the PC, the display shows all colours normally, but then it will randomly distort the colours. For example, I'm currently using Centrafuse 3.1 and the standard skin is grey. The Lilliput randomly makes it look more like green or blue.

    The problem seems to occur upon touching the screen because I noticed today that if I tapped the screen hard enough, it would either flicker a bit and the colours would go funny or it would come back to normal colours. Tapping the LCD or the frame (or even the fascia around it) seems to elicit the same response. So I'm thinking it might be a sensitive connection on one of the boards inside the Lilliput?

    I checked my VGA connector behind the PC, seems find. Tried a different VGA angle adapter to be sure and the problem was still there. I've never had graphics issues on this system before.

    Any ideas?
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    Sounds like a loose or flaky VGA cable.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      I have this problem quite frequently and mine is always because of the loose power cable between my m2-atx and the LCD , pluging it in properly solves the issue, but over a few days when the car is goes over speed breakers (which we have a lot over here) and bad roads (again ..a lot) the problem resurfaces.
      One of these days really need to fix the problem permanently!
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        Thanks for the suggestions guys.

        The LCD panel is sensitive and so is the area around it. Tonight it was playing up a lot. I had blue blemishes in the middle of the screen and if I touched the LCD or even the edge of the screen, the screen would change colour to green or grey and it would randomly come back to normal. I worked out that if I kept my finger on the bottom edge of the screen (i.e. just above the buttons and below the LCD) the screen would stay normal, but without this constant pressure, the screen was vulnerable to colour changes.

        I checked my power and VGA cables yesterday and they seemed fine. I turned the PC on and flicked the VGA connector around quite a few times but the LCD stayed normal. It only started playing up when I touched the LCD panel or the screen edges. My touchscreen still works perfectly.

        Any other thoughts?
        2007 Camry Altise In-dash Car PC


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          I had a similar issue, but I had green lines occasionally running down my screen. That huge long flex ribbon cable on mine wasn't attached strongly enough. It had been through too much damage to hold tightly any more. I never ended up fixing mine since I didn't like the screen much anyway.
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            Thanks Colin, that was my suspicion. I'll inspect my screen internally soon and will report my results.
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              I fixed it. The large ribbon cable was slightly out of place. I aligned it correctly and the problem is now resolved.
              2007 Camry Altise In-dash Car PC