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  • Recommendations - help needed

    Hi all, i have a Nissan Elgrand E51. its a people mover for those not in the know. I am trying to find out whether or not I can get a car av system that can replace my current head unit AND be operated from a touch screen that is located away from the head unit. Huh, I hear you ask!? well, where the current 2Din space is for the head unit is at knee height so getting a unit with all the bells and whistles (GPS, camera inputs, ipod control, etc) will be difficult and dangerous to control while driving. what i need is a unit that can sit in the existing slot and be connected to a seven inch touchscreen which will be mounted on the instrument panel.

    below is a pic of how the standard japanese version of the elgrand is set up. trouble is, its all in japanese and the guts have to be ripped out and replaced to make it work. Anyway, this pic should give an idea of the layout.

    I am hoping it can be a standard or factory built jobby so it has the look and feel of a "normal" car stereo (don't want to freak out my wife) . i also want something that comes on when you turn it on, so if there is a method of doing this with inexpensive car computer components, I would consider this route also.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.