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DC-DC Power supply

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  • DC-DC Power supply

    Did anyone tryed to build DC-DC PSU with MAX1771 chip?
    It doesn't use flyback transformer like the Sproggy's one,
    and it can supply up to 2A current.

    More information on Maxim's site:

    If anyone did it, please let me know.
    Enjoint life!

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    Sorry to disapoint you but a step up converter like the MAX1771 will be no good for the 12V because if the input voltage is higher than 12V then the ouptut voltage will be the same. You could make a higher voltage and drop it again usung a voltage regulator that would be very inneficient.

    A transformer design is the best method to get a fixed output voltage from an input that can be both greater or less than the output.


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      Ok,but its datasheet says that the input voltage can be up to 16.5v and the output is still 12v.In case that won't work I guess I can use the 5v output from MAX787 chip to the input of MAX1771.
      Enjoint life!


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        Privet Dima
        Why dont you want to use a transformer?
        You can get them for free (as samples) and the flyback design of it makes it very efficent with operationg voltage from 8-16v.



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