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    Hi Gang,

    I am facing replacing a quircky usb hub (yet again) and wanted to find out who makes reliable hubs that work well in our environment. I am using a DC-DC adapter to provided the 5V power necessary for a powered hub. I know MP3Car sells a 4-port hub designed for the car -- but it's nearly $100 (with shipping). I could try 5 different 7-port hubs at that price, but if it takes trying 5 different onese to find one that works (something I hope this thread would help avoid)...

    USB hubs are discussed a lot on here (just do a search), but searching doesn't provide a clue to who makes a good hub....

    One requirement (that is mentioned in a lot of threads) that the MP3Car option doesn't do, is powering/recharging usb connected devices if the computer is not connected or off. While a cig. lighter usb adapter can fill that requirement, it would be nice to reduce the amount of clutter in the car.

    So, any thoughts/experience?

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    The mp3car hub can be set to turn off after a certain amount of time - I think you can set it to 5 minutes or 1 hour, so you can stop at the gas station without it going offline.

    If the hub is quirky, is it because it keeps getting powered/unpowered by the car? If so, consider powering it using a timed relay, set to a few minutes.

    If you're looking for a brand, I've used a Belkin unpowered for years with no trouble and I think tripzero uses a Belkin powered with good results. He powers his with the 5v USB DC-DC power supply so if you're using an inverter, YMMV.

    I'd try a Belkin to begin with.

    I can tell you that as a beta tester for the mp3car hub that while it may be a bit pricey, it NEVER failed, coughed, glitched, or quit on me when it was in the car. It may be better just to save the bucks for the hub and if you have something else you need to pick up at the store anyhow, splitting the shipping cost will ease the pain a bit.
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