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  • project Misu vanputer/rv

    Mitsubishi Van, for 15 years old it still looks like a modern Japaneses van haha which you never see around here.

    I did some carputer for it in the past but now is different I am turning this into a very automated carputer/rv I guess you can call it since sleeping inside will be very comfortable and just like it is now inside my room.

    I work for a data center for some years now and got to know people and I scored on a couple really cool things, one is this satellite system with dish and hardware which I am not using the satellite, creating a WiFi biquad dish antenna. The cool thing about is you have full control over the movement of this satellite, 360, up down. One button stowing in less than one minute from being fully deployed. Takes up 6U rack mounting it, which is cool cause from work I scored a full rack. Dish was a beautiful find, clients of ours, u wouldn't believe where it was and what was wrong with it I didn't need anyways.

    Use Kismet to log hotspots, once some more programming is done, but you can now, but I like everything to run as one system. You get coordinates, so whereever you decide to park, should be push of a button and it opens up and goes to the spot. So you see, I like having everything automated and that is why I was really sad with the IPAD.

    Currently in the van everything in the rear has been taken out except the two seats since they are so cool, if you ever seen this vans in usa, it is a swivel seat and can recline flat and move 5 feet on a track.

    Gotta get pictures all sized, cause I am going to need some serious help.

    I wanted a bed, so I was searching, if you ever been on a cruise the size is perfect, length right for a adult, yet width perfect and comfortable. I was looking for one, instead I found a hospital bed, 600 dollars with a super nice mattress and seems you are able to connect into it, so find use for whatever I can automate on that but has the controller which you can move your head up, your legs, it is soo bad. going to bolt it to the floor and have friends shop fabricate it so it doesn't look like a hospital bed and just a normal single bed that has all kinds of controls on it, can't wait.

    The windows are already tinted but I want to black them out, to the point where I can have lights on, computer screens on and it will look like a parked car with nobody inside, the front section -cockpit i guess lol will be easy to build something to seal off the rest of it. doing tons of dynomat and other stuff to damper the sound.

    since it is van I can do cool things to it, like put a full size yamaha receiver into it, bought a DTS-610 to connect it to the computer so the DTS light comes on and I can get 5.1 sound and at some point I hope someone in here has done this or knows how to, putting the HU next to the AC controls next to the swivel chair where another console for air/heat are thre, I am running a 100/1 for the subs and actually to much detail, I am going to want to wire the /1 so when I am not using the HU from the car,The Yamaha receiver will work. 5 speakers are great, but the 1000/1 2 12's is a bit different for a home theater system you agree, not using a normal sub where you plug in and connect to be .1.

    I have a lot in front of me, when finished my design is to have the inside to be luxury, extremely tech but doing the tech thing a classy way where everything is flush and only some things will be seen.

    I am interested in limo's, like to find a wrecked one, cause behind the two front seats has a wall witch is 2.5 feet and is perfect for starting out the wall and some other ideas I have. I like to get the thing you see limo's where you can roll it up which is always looks to be 1-1.5 feet and connect that to the wall and that would be really cool if anyone here has used one for a van install.

    Tell me about the IPAD and what I can do with it in my situation. I would like the IPAD to be the main mobile control where I can sit,stand and walk around with it while controlling what i need done with it being so extremely user friendly, absolutely no keyboards and mouse when it comes to the automation part. Mainly for use of media when I want to chill and lay down, lay back and watch tv/movies. I plan on mounting swivel arms for a couple screens for the ""desk area"" while like I said, nothing runs independent, using one micro box for general anything and access to all the systems in the van. so having the IPAD sync up is something I am unsure about.

    Really I just need to run the IPAD to a larger lcd/plasma for the main display used for movies/tv, the smaller touch screens, 7" will be used in areas where it will display power usage, power settings, backup power and security and what not, they are like your base screens for status.

    Security is going just to be a normal alarm, with cameras so cheap nowadays, night vision too being very a favorable will have some external micro cameras. I am keeping the driving area very stock, will put one of those touch screens up there somewhere, I am thinking in the visor above me and can move it that way and the primary use would be for status on everything, being where it is can have a purpose too, once parked, if power levels were low for some reason I can drive until everything is good again.

    So this is a vanputer-rv

    going to college and everything, work but I wanna save a bunch money quick so when my lease is up going to live in this thing but not like a homeless person where they are dirty/messy and don't care about there environment and people can tell there is people inside. I am going to emulate everything I have here inside this and when done should be super luxury tech style living. why the camere setup is for the proximity then a back up cam, and what I wanna do, with having the stock, alarm is to make my own style alarm too, come in range of proximity I will be woken with a loud alert and when awake set it so it is a not so loud alert will go off and can choose to find some high output lighting that is very small and have it all go off, light up the area if by my choice decides how the scenario goes with loud German air horns ... those ideas are away and down the road a little bit.

    so this is my intro and the general plan - so for further help which I will need, I am here now