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Hooking audio out to Amp?

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  • Hooking audio out to Amp?

    Do I need to connect a Line Output converter (LOC) between the audio out before the Amp? I don't want to try and use inline to RCA cable to hook the PC to the Amp and fry the inputs.
    If I have to hook it up to a line output, how do I connect it? (LOC has + & - inputs for each channels)

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    You will be perfectly fine connecting straight from your sound card to the amp
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      Yeah what are you talking about frying your amp?

      Just plug the RCA cable from your sound card into a splitter and then each channel of the splitter into the L and R inputs of the amp.. thats all.. :-)


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        great to hear. I wasn't sure if the signal was low enough for the amp's input. If it wasn't then it'll fry or damage the amp. This make wiring it up so much easier.