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  • 4-bit LCD

    Does anyone know of a DOS program or frontend or even a winamp plugin that will work with a 4-bit LCD? Or maybe someone knows where i can find some source code for a 4-bit. From the data sheets I beleive I have figured out how to modify the 8-bit code to make it work corectly..but any confirmation would be appreciated.

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    try looking for HD44780 controller chip. its an hitachi is the standard for most of these lcd modules. the specs say you can drive them either in 4 or 8 bit mode. cant remember but i think its hi 4 first clock them in then low 4 bits.. shouldnt be too hard to mod the drivers as long as you can get source code for them....
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      Thats exactly what ive come up with. From what I can derive form the spec sheet(it is an HDD44780 controller chip) what you do is hook the first 4 data lines on the parralel port to the first four lines of the LCD then you just send it the first four bits strobe high send the last 4 bits then strobe high again and that gives you all eight bits. The LCD I have can only be run at 4-bit not 8. I was just looking for some further confirmation that what i got figured from the data sheet was right.