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New to the CarPC world need some advise!

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  • New to the CarPC world need some advise!

    I have a 2006 Acura TL and I am in research mode trying to figure out what I need and want out of my future CarPC install. I have a factory screen with nav which is totally worthless but there are several parts of the system I would like to keep like my trip computer so I will be keeping my stock touch screen and plan to allow switching back between the carPC and the stock hardware. I also have instructions how to wire the stock screen to work as a USB input so I can still retain this functionality with the stock unit. My main concerns with the CarPC is boot time and how quickly it will switch to my reverse camera (not installed yet) and how quickly I will have access to navigation. I donít know why but I am really itching to get a rear camera installed so I have been considering first installing a DOMs unit which basically gives you two video inputs to your stock screen allowing a reverse camera install that quickly activates without any delay. I have also been looking into the Garmin GVN-53 as an option to add on for the second video input allowing almost instant GPS rather then waiting for the computer to boot. I still have much to research I have no idea what computer I want and the front end is still up in the air but all the software stuff will come I need to focus on the hardware right now. Does anyone have advise for me about the installing the DOMs unit now and the carPC later? Should I just do the reverse camera through the CarPC would delay be an issue at all?

    Thanks everyone!!

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    Hey Roger. We exchanged emails on acurazine a while back.
    I have the NavTool unit installed for my backup cam. Whether you plan to use the second video for you carpc or not, its a nice feature to have and its an easy install. Hell, you probably already have it done.
    So how about an update?