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Directed DMHD-1000 setup help

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  • Directed DMHD-1000 setup help

    hi, I have an Directed DMHD-1000 HD Radio. I connected the radio to (constant, ign, ground) and to antenna in. It doesnt turn on, does anyone know if I am missing something?

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    Okay, any more specific info?

    Do you have the Directed display module? Is there a harness that came with it, or did you wire it up yourself? If you don't have the little display/control box, you need to use the Serial Port cable that MitchJS provides (or make your own, or whatever). That's what tells the unit to turn on.

    Some more info will probably help get the correct answer to your problem. Be as specific as possible as to settings and wiring and stuff.


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      This is an brand new or like-new unit. It comes with all the wiring with the control module. I tried pushing and holding the power button on the control unit and does not power on. I also tried the remote and no power. I checked the (constant, ign, ground) they have power and proper ground.
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        check the 2 fuses...the one inline with the red cable and the other inside the small black box inline with the yellow cable


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          Make sure there are no bent pins on the DIN cable.
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