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Possible Amping Solution?

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  • Possible Amping Solution?

    Just curious if anyone has used any of the Sure Electronics products in any projects? Their amp lineups look like they could be an interesting board-based solution to fit in the same footprint/case as a small motherboard, and make for an all-in-one car PC which comes amped and ready for higher output speakers.

    Looks as though a regulated DC input (10-32VDC) is all it needs to provide a small form factor budget amplifier to a project.
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    very interesting, soon i will need a mid-tower case in my truck to hold all the components. great find Thanks SNO


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      i almost bought the 4ch version just to try.. the thd levels are a little higher then i would like, but about typical for class-d amps..

      and the fact that i would need a dedicated dc-dc for it...
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        I find it amazing that the 100W model gets its power through a small DC socket....
        But their output is higher than the "average" Watts used in the chip specs (bridged mode perhaps?).
        And see the chip specs for relatively high distortion at high power output (but good down low) and intermodulation distortion above 10k (eg for TP2050 "STEREO 50W").