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Why, Why, Why... USB drivers!!!

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  • Why, Why, Why... USB drivers!!!

    For the life of me I cannot get my XMPCR or my Visteon HD radio to work.

    Win 7 recognizes the USB-serial drivers, installs them and says they are operational.

    I start RR and get the pop up sccreens saying the devices are not recognized.

    Sometimes, the XMPCR will not error, but there is no channel listings in the XM screen.

    [email protected]!! I am not a novice at this, why is it being such a pain.

    I've been having similar issues on my XP machine in the boat also.

    Forgot to mention, the GPS seems to work just fine in both, although Iguidance in the truck cannot seem to remember the com port (15).
    TruckPC - gutted, being used for test setup
    BoatPC - All in 1 in cuddy, N7 using VNC on dash, RR
    BlazerPC - Nexus 7 with Timur's USBROM

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    By what I was told when I had a problem with IGuidance it doesn't like using 2digit ports, changed mine to 6, never had a problem again. The other problem I can't help you with sorry