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  • Memory 2 or 4 GB

    Hi, I just recive some parts for my first Carpc:
    1. Zotac ION ITX F-E,
    2. VoomPC-2 (perfect for M1-/M2-ATX) [Black Edition] (with TFT power connector)
    3. M2-ATX 6-24V DC/DC (160 Watts)
    4. BU353 GPS receiver
    5. LinITX 7" Widescreen TRANSFLECTIVE VGA/Composite with Touchscreen

    Now I need your help for memory stick. Is 2GB enough or 4GB would be better. Kingston Value 2GB 800Mhz cl5 KIT [KVR800D2N5K2] or Kingston Value 4GB 800Mhz cl5 KIT (KVR800D2N5K2/4G).
    Thanks for your advice.

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    I'm getting by with 1gig.
    However, I guess the bigger question is what you are going to run for the FE (front end software) and what else are you planning to do?

    If you are on a budget 2 gig will work but if you can splurge as with most computers more the memory the merrier!


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      Thanks for help. For FE I decided to use Centrafuse. Bluetooth hands free telephony is more important for me. In addition navigation, music and video player, internet ecc.


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        i think 2gigs is fine..

        you didn't mention which os, and weather it was 32 or 64 bit-- remember, 32bit os's can only address about 3.5gb of space- and this includes onboard video memory(so you would see slightly less in the RAM amount)...
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          I use CF plus Sirius plus bluetooth all on 512 with no problems, and it is actually 2 gb stick I just limited it and it made a diference on speed, it runs faster with 512 than it did with 2


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            I run the exact same set up, with 4gb, the price was reasonable and honestly I never have to worry about memory, and really that's what I'd prefer.
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              I run 1/2 gibibyte to save time. When you hibernate your machine, it has to write all that RAM to the drive and then read it all back in when you resume. The more RAM you have, the slower your resume from hibernation will be.
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                Yeah, if you hibernate your system, the key is to have just enough RAM. Too much and it'll take longer to hibernate/restore


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                  Originally posted by LittleDragon View Post
                  Yeah, if you hibernate your system, the key is to have just enough RAM. Too much and it'll take longer to hibernate/restore
                  I tried 1 gig & 2 gig on an old (but manufactured in 2007) motherboard with slow ram (PC2700) , a lame memory controler (Sis 741gx chipset) and an IDE WD-scorpioblue 5400 rpm.

                  With only a frugal frontend, Sygic rc12, Rmclock, Speedfan and GpsGate running, hibernate/ resume take the same time, no matter it has 1 or 2 gig. But I have xp prefetch disabled. My harddrive/idecontroler is too slow for prefetch to show real benefits. Once disabled, only in-use programs are in ram.
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