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  • preventing reboot

    if im using an inverter setup with shutdown ctrller wat do i do to keep the computer from restarting wen i turn the ignition. e.g.- if i stop to get gas i have to shut off the car, but i dont wanna go through the whole boot up sequence wen i start the car again to leave. i kno i can set the shutdown ctrl to keep power on for as long as it takes to pump gas, but my accesories and everything shuts off during ignition sequence. so is there a method or product to keep the computer from restarting everytime i wanna get gas or a quick stop?

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    Re: preventing reboot

    search for tank circuit
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      opus PSUs have a timing setting to leave power running for a desired amount of time
      its an option
      you can also build your own or buy a circuit as discussed above
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        look @ A thread started by me in the PS forum. It's worked like a charm. Jeff was a LOT of help.


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          yea i heard sumpthin bout a tank circuit, but i dont kno **** bout electronics so i got sum studying to do. thanx for the replies.


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            well if you would have looked at the thread you'd figure it out. I'm pretty electronicly challenged and I got it.