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LCD casing and mounting ideas

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  • LCD casing and mounting ideas

    Hey everyone, I have a few questions for those of you who have choosen to build and mount your LCD in your car. I have a 16x2 LCD and have a perfect place for it directly below my deck. I was wondering what types of materials work the best ect... Any help would be excellent. Also, have any of you run the +5/-5 wires directly through say the parellel port?

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    One more thing regarding the parellel port. Does it matter where you run the cable? Can it be next to the power wires or the input wires? I also have 2 amplifiers hooked up.. Will that be a problem?


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      I have run the +5, and the keypad wires directly with the LCD through the extra wires in a 25-foot parallel cable. I have never experienced any problems with noise. I thought that with the cable being so long it would have been prone to picking up noise, but it has always worked perfectly.


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        How did you run the wires through? Did you use two separate parellel port kits or did you simply just splice the wire?


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          I have used a small piece of hardboard which I have cut to size to make a bezel. I then covered this in sticky pack plastic (Making sure the bolts were tight enough first!)


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            I designed the system so that I would not have to modify the actual parallel port (printer) extension cable. This way I could simply replace the cable if I needed a different length one or it got damaged. On the inside of the computer I took the extra wires that were not being used, cut them, and soldered them straight to the keypad port. On the other end I took a spare parallel port plug and connected the necessary wires to the keypad and the others to the LCD.


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              Good idea, Preston. Parallel cables can be damaged easily, especially if they're pinched or you forget where you ran it and drill through it or something.

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